Get to grips with your DAW

We understand that DAW choice and workflow are a personal part of the recording process. At SX Studios we all have our own DAW of choice for different reasons. If you're new to home recording or looking to get more in depth with your software, we have an expert for you.

We offer courses in the 3 most common DAW packages: Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase. From the basics of layout, plug-ins and functionality to automation, advanced routing, integrating outboard gear and using third-party plug-ins; our courses will cover all bases of the DAW of choice.

Recording Drums

Recording live drums can be the most challenging part of a the recording process. With the most amount of microphones being recorded simultaneously, there's a lot to get right during the set up, to avoid having to "fix it in the mix".

Our drum recording course gives you an insight into the all of the things that will effect your drum recordings. This includes drumhead selection and tuning, microphone choice and placement, ensuring your recorded tracks are in phase, working with click tracks and more.