Studio Room Features

Our main studio live room is approx. 28m2 and can comfortably accommodate 6-8 musicians.
  • Custom built acoustics - designed for the best quality sound in rehearsals and recordings.
  • Fresh air (heat exchange) air conditioning.
  • Variable lighting to suit mood and vibe.
  • Free tea, coffee and soft drinks from VIP mini-kitchen in room
  • 50L Fridge - HD TV + Free internet (Wi-Fi)

Room Equipment

The studio room features superb room acoustics and the highest standard of backline equipment.


1x Mapex Meridian drum kit, with 10",12",14" & 16" toms.
Includes touring grade hardware & stands
Note: Evans heads (EMAD, G1 & G2) fitted as standard.
Cymbals and snare not included with the room.
These can be hired for an extra £2 per session.


1x Orange AD30, 2 channel, all valve amp head & footswitch
1x Marshall 4x12" cab with Celestion GT12-75 speakers
1x Orange 2x12" open back cab with Celestion Vintage 30s
1x Vintage Marshall 1978 JMP 2104 / 50 watt 2x12 combo
1x Ashdown ABM 500 watt bass head & 6x10" 600 watt cab

PA, Microphones & More

1000 watt Studiomaster PA system with FX + iPod/MP3 input
3x Shure Beta 58 vocal mics
Separate drum wedge monitors
4x guitar stands
1x keyboard stand
2x sheet music stands
Pen and paper & whiteboard
*Additional Marshall 4x12 cab & 100 watt head can be hired for £2.50 per session


Rates & Booking

Standard Rates

Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm - £12 per hour
Monday to Friday - 5pm to 11pm - £14 per hour
Saturday & Sunday - 10am to 11pm - £14 per hour

Student Rates

Available to all bands with members under 20 in education.
Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm - £10 per hour
Monday to Friday - 5pm to 11pm - £12 per hour
Saturday & Sunday - 10am to 11pm - £12 per hour

Block Booking

We operate on a first come, first served basis at London Road. You can of course book as long in advance as you require in order to secure your slot, standard cancellation policy applies.


London Road is a studio run by musicians and we all know how hard it is to get 4+ people in a room once a week (it should be straight forward, but in reality it never is!) In light of this, we offer a less "harsh" policy than our competitors. If you cancel on the day of rehearsal, the first time will incur no charge! After this, the standard cancellation policy below comes into effect.

Cancelling on the day of rehearsal: full rate due
Cancelling at least 24hrs before your booking: No charge

We are very busy most evenings, so as much notice as possible regarding cancellations is much appreciated.